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Tegra 3 Fujitsu phone pictured

by on11 January 2012


CES 2012: 1.2GHz this summer in Japan

Nvidia is not showing Tegra 3 phones on its booth but just a few hundred feet from their booth, Fujistu decided to showcase a Tegra 3 phone with Raptide GP THD game.

fujitsu tegra3 ces2012

You can tell by the splash effects that the phone does have a Tegra 3 chip, as these splash effect only work on quad core Tegra 3. The girl next to the phone told us that it’s a 1.2GHz clocked chip and the spec sheet next to the device confirms it.

The phone is water and dust proof, has a 4.6 inch high quality liquid crystal screen, and a 13.1 Megapixel high sensitivity camera (ISO 25600). The specs claim the phone is LTE compatible and due its 1.2GHz clock, it should be quite fast.

Unfortunately the phone is for the Japanese market, and we were not allowed to touch the demo. However, the nice girl that was guarding the phone said that we'll have a chance to play with it in about two months at Barcelona Mobile World congress.

Fujitsu Tegra 3 phone should launch this summer in Japan, but there are no direct plans to launch it in Europe or USA as of yet. At least we know that Tegra 3 phones are real but HTC might be the first to launch at MWC late February 2012.

fujitsu tegra3 playing

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