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RIM to revise Bold 9900 already

by on06 October 2011

Reason for refresh is unclear at best
The recently released BlackBerry Bold 9900 is evidently getting a refresh. Whispers tell us that RIM is already busy working on the refresh, but the actual reason for such a revision to the 9900 is unclear; however, the form factor of the unit should not change.

We know that the initial launch of the Bold 9900 was delayed due to an issue with the main circuit board, and it might be that RIM is addressing this issue. Some whispers suggest that the revision to the 9900 was necessary to address a carrier request, but again it is unknown if this is the case. A more hopeful rumor suggests that RIM might be revising the camera to include auto-focus support, which we do not believe is going to happen.

The 9900 has been successful for RIM, so it is hard to believe that the company would want to make many changes to the device. However, the fact that some carriers like AT&T have yet to add the 9900 to their lineup clearly means that something is amiss that is delaying the carrier from adding the 9900. Right now, we have to think that this could be nothing more than a revision to the product to get the cost down per device, but we will stick with this story, as we expect the reason to surface soon.
Last modified on 06 October 2011
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