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Android turns terminator on Apple

by on22 September 2011

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Despite the fact that Apple is doing its best to lock rivals out of the tablet and smartphone market in a court room, it is fast being shown that it cannot compete with Android. InMobi, mobile ad network, released its Mobile Insights Report: Global Edition, Quarter Ending August 2011. It shows that Android growth is continuing across the globe and there is nothing that Jobs' Mob can do to stop it.

InMobi experienced a 25 per cent growth in global ad impressions over the previous quarter, serving 126.7 billion mobile advertising impressions across the globe, and reports that smartphone growth continues apace, representing more than two fifths (42 per cent ) of mobile ad impressions since May. Android’s popularity grew by 1.7 share points to 17.9% share and has replaced Symbian as the second highest performing mobile platform after Nokia OS. Nokia OS has been down 1.9 per cent since May to 18.2 per cent. Of the top three, Android was the only operating system to show any growth over the quarter, as both Nokia OS and Symbian OS continue their downward trajectory.

James Lamberti, VP Global Research & Marketing, InMobi, said that as he forecast in his previous quarterly report, Android is demonstrably moving toward becoming the top mobile platform, having taken Symbian’s place in the league table.

“At this rate of growth, it may well take the number one slot before year-end. However, four of the top five handsets are Apple devices, and with iPhone 5 rumoured to be just around the corner, we may see a slight stall in Android’s march over the coming months,” he added.

The report also highlights the strong growth in the European mobile ad market, which has grown 26 per cent to reach 13.4 billion ads during the quarter, with both the growth (43 per cent) and a proportion (68 per cent) of smartphone impressions significantly higher than the global average. The iPhone remains the most popular handset in Europe, with seven per cent share of ad impressions, and Apple is still the top manufacturer.

But Android is the dominant mobile ad platform in the region for the third quarter, continuing to increase its share whilst its nearest competitors, iOS and Symbian OS, are in decline.

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