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Samsung rumored to buy Nokia's MeeGo

by on07 September 2011

Last week it was buying WebOS
The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth rumor which claims that Samsung is going to buy Nokia's MeeGo operating system. The move comes as Intel says it would back off development of the platform and Nokia is moving to Windows.

German blog NetbookNews said that  that Samsung was looking to buy the Linux-based, open source OS, which Nokia and Intel co-launched in February 2010. However Samsung has been linked to the idea of buying an operating system before. It was suggested that it was going to buy HP's WebOS.

The rumor is all based on Google's buying of Motorola Mobility thing. Android partners, like Samsung, are not that happy about the move even if it will give them the patents they need to see off the patent troll Apple.

Samsung said it would "never" buy HP's webOS platform and it has a lot invested a lot in Android mobile devices and in its year-old, proprietary "bada" operating system. No one can really believe that it would need MeeGo.

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