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Intel buys SySDSoft

by on17 March 2011

Wants LTE experience
Chipzilla has invaded Egypt and bought an outfit called SySDSoft. It would appear that Intel wants the outfit for its LTE expertise and will be using its 100 engineers to help make it a player in the wireless market.

Chipzilla is desperate to make a push into mobile computing. It is something that has remained out of its grasp while its rival Qualcomm has been raking in all the cash from the mobile boom.

Part of the problem is that it banked on WiFi and WiMAX. WiMAX did not do very well. So it bought Infineon last year to give it some help.

However it is not ready yet for 4G and this is specifically what the Egyptian deal will do. Intel told Fudzilla that SySDSoft’s solutions would accelerate its 4G LTE efforts with the addition of leading software development and design capabilities.

Dr. Hermann Eul, president of Intel Mobile Communications said that Intel was making the necessary investments to further enhance its existing wireless product portfolio. “We believe that SySDSoft’s proven and experienced engineering team, combined with Intel Mobile Communications’ existing wireless strength, positions us well for continued growth in LTE,” he said.

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