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TI OMAP 4430 in RIM Playbook

by on13 January 2011

Now it’s official
Our usually very accurate sources have failed us this time. It turns out that Marvell is not inside the Playbook, but rather TI OMAP 4430. So forget about the one about Marvell and we do apologize for any inconvinience we might have caused. The original part is here.

We heard from a chap from Texas Instrument who naturally wasn't quite happy about this mix-up, and he kindly informed us that the device actually comes with TI OMAP4430 inside.

The chip itself is a nice competition for Tegra 2, works at 1GHz has 2D and 3D accelerated as well as 1080P HD support and 720P stereo video support. Imaging processor can support cameras all the way to 20 Mpixels or 5Mpixel stereo camera with two of them.

The chips are inside of RIM Playbook which means that 45nm production is doing fine. The chip has POWERVR SGX540 graphics core a core that can score close to Geforce graphics inside of Tegra 2, which means that OMAP 4430 looks like a good competition for Tegra 2 devices.

Last modified on 13 January 2011
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