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Nexus S can be overclocked

by on03 January 2011

Making your hummingbird hum
Google's Nexus S smartphone has been overclocked to 1.2GHz. The beast, which is powered by a single core Hummingbird processor, has been tinkered with by a member of the XDA Forums who goes by the name of morfic.

He used a Bionix NS1 mod on the chip and managed to crank up the speed to 1.2GHz using a slightly different kernel. Apparently the mod is a doddle to install.  All you need to do is flash from recovery, reboot and you are running in the fast lane.

The only casualty is that you lose Bluetooth as this is not supported by the mod yet. The other downside is that you void your warranty. 

We are not sure what this would do to the battery life of the phone, or if it would make it a little hot. Still, life is too short to wait for 1 GHz or a London bus for that matter.

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