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The best and worst phones of 2010

by on28 December 2010

2010 in review: Few surprises really
Looking back at the past year, it is already clear that 2010 will be remembered as the year of the Android, but aside from Google's new OS, there were also a few other interesting developments in the mobile market.

Apple introduced the iPhone 4, a rather brilliant handset which was plagued by a few issues, mainly the rather embarrassing antennagate. Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7, but it came a bit too late and it just failed to keep up with the competitions. Nokia continued to develop phones for an OS which nobody wants and paid a high price for its decision to stubbornly stick to Symbian.

Anyway, without being too philosophical, this is Fudzilla's pick for the best and worst phones of the season, starting with the best handsets out there.

Number One

You wouldn't know it by reading Fudzilla, but we like Apple. The iPhone 4 was the most eagerly awaited phone of the year and it managed deliver quite a few interesting features, including the best screen on the market. It also looks nice, especially if you don't use a bumper, and build quality is second to none. In addition, Apple still offers the biggest choice of apps, including some great games. Apple's sales figures speak for themselves, so the iPhone 4 clearly deserves the top spot.

Number Two

Samsung's Galaxy S was definitely the surprise of the year. The sleek handset packs a pretty good Super AMOLED screen in a thin an stylish package, but at the same time it also resembles the iPhone 3GS a bit too much for our liking. Samsung is expected to ship the 10 millionth unit any day now and the phone has clearly been a massive success. Its biggest downside is the lack of Android 2.3 support and it's rather baffling to see Samsung lose face over the issue. Samsung sold 10 million of them, so it's really time to give the people the upgrade they deserve.

Number Three

HTC's Desire HD is yet another impressive Android phone. With a massive 4.3-inch screen and an 8MP camera, it's well spec'd for the fight, but then again it is pricey and somewhat bulkier than the competition. Build quality is excellent though and the massive screen is great for browsing. It is currently one of the best, if not the best Android phone on the market, but it's not without flaws.

Now we can move on to the worst phones of the year. You can probably see where this is going.

Number One

Microsoft's Kin was nothing short of a stillborn. Some reports place the number of sold phones at under 10,000 and it was phased out within weeks of the launch. It was an embarrassment for Microsoft and also Nvidia, which had high hopes for the platform and its Tegra processor. It's really not worth writing about.

Number Two

This might sound a bit strange since we already said it was the best phone, but Apple's iPhone 4 deserved a place on this list as well. It faced a couple of issues shortly after the launch and Apple's response to antennagate was laughable. Putting a piece of ghastly rubber around one of the best looking phones on the market is nothing short of ridiculous. The limited choice of carriers is also a major issue. However, like most Apple gear, the iPhone 4 is just overpriced and that's the main reason why it's on the list.

Number Three

Any Nokia will do.

(We don't mean to imply that all Nokia phones are utter rubbish, it's just that the Finnish giant has failed to keep up with the competition. We expected a lot more and so did Nokia shareholders. sub.ed.)
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