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Orange reveals users dependent on mobiles

by on07 October 2010

Even search the net while they are at home
Telco Orange's research claims that people are getting increasingly dependant on their mobile gadgets to get connected to the world wide wibble. A survey conducted conducted by TNS across the UK, France and Spain showed that people are starting to use their mobiles to connect to the web even when they don't need them.

More than 74 per cent of those surveyed in the UK said they access the web on their mobile when out.  But a 59 per cent used their handset to surf when still at home. More than half of British and French respondents said that they wanted to access the same web content on their mobile as they did on their PC.

Yet strangely most would rather look at the web on their phone rather than turn on their PC.   This is bad news for those who are hoping that people will switch from their PC to their tellies.  It seems that people will want to do everything on their phone in the future.

More than 70 per cent of UK folks surfed via a mobile browser, rather than an app, the same was more or less true in France. In Spain, however, it was much less with 42 per cent using a browser, and an identical 42 per cent using an app.

Paul Francois Fournier, Executive Vice President, Online and Advertising Business at Orange said that mobile Internet was  more established in the UK and France. There are more optimised Websites for phones and the experience is better, encouraging higher browser usage.

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