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Turn your phone into an advert server

by on25 June 2010

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Microsoft appears to want to turn its Windows Mobile 7 into an advertising server. Users pay for the software will be expected to have advertising pushed to them.

Speaking at an advertising festival, Microsoft’s general manager for strategy and business development, Kostas Mallios, revealed how the platform will be appealing for ad makers. He said that there will be a push notification system called “Toast” which will integrate with the user interface and apps for ads, offers and updates.

It will be an opt in feature which means that users have to choose to want to be swamped with spam. However there will probably all sorts of reasons why you might need to switch it on. Mallios said that for marketers Windows 7 Mobile will be an ad-serving machine, he continued. “It basically enables advertisers to connect with consumers over time.”

He thinks that mobile advertising could be the monetary backbone for mobile innovation in apps.
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