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Apple sells 600,000 iPhone 4 units in a day

by on17 June 2010

Better than iPhone 3GS

The compass, video recording and faster operation didn't sound like the best thing ever to make anyone wish for a new iPhone 3GS but Apple still sold quite a few of them. Let's not forget the ancient display and the same look that didn't help the cause.

Today with iPhone 4, customers have a lot of reasons to be excited about it as this time the phone has pretty much everything it ever needed and therefore it sold in amazing 600,000 in a single day. The original iPhone lacked just about anything, iPhone 3G with 3.0 software was quite ok, iPhone 3GS got you a faster performance, no multitasking, a compass and an ability to record video.

Since iPhone 4 has HD video record, much better display, nice form factor and multitasking, it is not surprising that Apple sold 600000 new iPhone 3G in a single day, or 10 times more than the same display but compass, video and better performance iPhone 3GS.

We are still surprised with the iPhone 4's Facetime popularity as Face to face video calling has failed to become popular five years ago. Europeans have tested this in its mobile networks and it seems to have failed to make the grade. We have it for years now, but no one I know of is using it. Well, you might not really want your friends and family to know where you are all the time. It's called privacy and it's much easier to preserve by just sending audio instead of a video stream. 

This is again a victory for Apple and this time the company offers a decent phone for its fans. Yes, it costs a fortune, but if you are ready to spend  - it will probably do you good.

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