British government wants to give money to chip companies
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Never mind the NHS, we want to feed a global oversupply

The UK government is trying to convince itself that if it spends billions to subsidise semiconductor companies it will help the country better compete and build resiliency and make the country great again.

Two NHS hospitals lose millions over AI start-up crash
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Sensyne Health delisted

Two NHS hospitals in the UK have lost nearly $18 million after an AI startup they poured cash into delisted from the AIM sharemarket.

NHS puts pathology on the cloud
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Monday, 11 July 2022 11:10

NHS puts pathology on the cloud

We don't need hard copies of your pathologies any more

Two NHS trusts in England will collaborate with Sectra to put digital pathology services onto a cloud

MPs fear UK NHS is about to make huge IT stuff up
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Massive sums of public cash to be flushed down the loo

The Commons Public Accounts Committee warns that massive sums of public money could be wasted on an expensive digital transformation plan for the NHS.

Fears UK government is handing over NHS data to US overlords
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Concern about motivations of US tech companies

A campaign group has written to UK health secretary Matt Hancock calling for greater openness in the government’s embrace of private-sector tech companies contracted to provide a data store and dashboards as part of the NHS response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

NHSX COVID-19 tracing app stuffed by lack of tech
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Turns out that mobile revolution passed a lot of people  by

The UK government's plans for an NHSX COVID-19 tracing app may run aground because not enough people own a mobile phone.

Questions posed about UK’s NHS data safety
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The AI firm with links to Cummings and Peter Theil

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm hired by UK government advisor Dominic Cummings to help with the 2016 Vote Leave campaign has been awarded seven government contracts in 18 months and there are concerns about the safety of NHS data it might be handling.

UK government hands over UK NHS data to Amazon
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For free

NHS data on the health of the population is being handed over to Amazon at no charge under a deal between the US giant and the Department of Health and Social Care.

Gaming addiction treated on the UK NHS
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Monday, 14 October 2019 11:51

Gaming addiction treated on the UK NHS

Yep, it must be a real illness if the government will pay for it

The UK public health system, the National Health Service (NHS), announced the opening of its first centre specialising in Internet and Gaming Disorders.

Three-quarters of UK NHS machines are still on Windows 7
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Only half a year to go before support runs out

With less than half a year to go before support ends for Windows 7, about three quarters of computers in the UK's National Health Service (NHS) are still running the OS.