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Crypto mining rig found underneath Polish court

by on22 November 2023

Using $250 worth of electricity a day

Illegal crypto miners showed their distain for the Polish justice system by building a rig in the basement of the Supreme Administrative Court in Warsaw.

It is unclear how long the rig has been working, as it only piggybacked off the court’s power supply rather than its internet connection.

The power draw went unnoticed as it was stealing $250 a month.

No one has been charged yet with any crimes, but the court has some suspects.

Within two weeks of finding the rig, the court terminated a contract with a company responsible for IT maintenance in the building.

Before the contract ended, the company fired two employees that it said were responsible for maintenance in the parts of the building where the cryptomine was hidden.

If it is them, we expect the book to be thrown at the two employees. Poland's top law enforcement officials, the Internal Security Agency, have been called in to investigate. The Warsaw District Prosecutor's Office has hired IT experts to help determine precisely how much electricity was stolen.

Ironically, the Supreme Administrative Court is the last resort for sensitive business and tax disputes, but no records seem to have been compromised.

Judge Sylwester Marciniak -- the chairman of the Judicial Information Department of the Supreme Administrative Court -- told Polish telly that the discovery of the cryptomine "did not threaten the security of data stored" in the court.


Last modified on 22 November 2023
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