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Complexity could derail cloud

by on11 April 2019

Microservices network and app management technologies needed

The cloud's complex infrastructure is derailing application platforms and cloud-native services market and there is a need for microservices network and app management technologies.

GlobalData has warned that moving from a monolithic application model to microservices architecture as part of app modernisation projects poses numerous challenge and several start-ups are emerging to address microservices connectivity issues through new microservices network and application management solutions.

GlobalData Principal Technology Analyst Charlotte Dunlap said: “Start-ups are building solutions alongside service mesh open source software (OSS) technology, including Istio and Linkerd, respectively to manage connectivity and apps, and address the demands of distributed apps. As a result, infrastructure and cloud providers are embracing these solutions and will integrate innovative service mesh technologies into management services this year.”

Traditional application platform providers, such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft, and increasingly infrastructure providers, such as F5 and VMware, are enhancing their respective application and infrastructure platforms to include microservices toolchains and frameworks, based on various implementations of a service mesh, which provide guidance and development patterns to help developers get familiar with this new approach.

Of course, GlobalData would say all that.  It has just released a ‘Microservices Network and App Management’, function based around HashiCorp, Heptio, Buoyant, and NGINX. But the issue still has legs.

Complaints about the move to the cloud are that it is making network structures too complex – particularly for SMEs.



Last modified on 11 April 2019
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