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Samsung officially releases US $1500 850 EVO SSD 4TB

by on13 July 2016

Highest capacity consumer SSD

Samsung has officially released the 4TB version of its popular 850 EVO SSD, which will cost US $1,499 and is actually the highest capacity consumer SSD around.

Samsung managed to double the capacity of its 850 EVO SSD by using its latest 48-layer 256Gbit TLC V-NAND, and according to Samsung, it should "deliver unsurpassed performance, reliability and capacity". Just as it was the case with the 2TB version, the 4TB 850 EVO version also uses Samsung's MHX controller. 

The sequential performance of the new 4TB version is set at 540MB/s for read and 520MB/s for write while random 4K performance hits 98,000 IOPS for read and 90,000 IOPS for write. This means that the 4TB version has the same performance as the previously available 500GB, 1TB and 2TB versions.

The only thing that has changed is the power consumption which is actually lower compared to the 2TB version and hits 3.1W and 3.7W during read and write. The sleep and slumber power consumption have been raised to 10mW and 70mW, which is higher compared to the 2TB version.

The write endurance rating is the same as on the 2TB version, hitting 300TBW and it is still backed by a five year warranty.

The Samsung 850 EVO 4TB also comes with TCG Opal and Microsoft eDrive data encryption, TurboWrite SLC cache technology and overprovisioning for garbage collection and wear leveling in order to prevent performance degradation over time.

Coming with a suggested retail price of US $1,499, the Samsung 850 EVO 4TB should have pretty much the same price per GB as the 2TB version. While the final price seems high, bear in mind that the price per GB is still the same and this is the highest capacity consumer SSD around.


Last modified on 13 July 2016
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