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OCZ working on 20nm SSD refresh

by on12 April 2013

Both Vector and Vertex to get it

Ever since we heard a rumor regarding OCZ's Vertex 5 series SSDs, we have been asking around and once again our sources came through and gave us a clear picture of what we can expect from OCZ pretty soon.

The rumor from Nordichardware was somewhat accurate, as OCZ is indeed working on a new Vertex SSD with 20nm MLC NAND flash memory. According to our sources, we will also see a new controller that, although based on Barefoot 3 design, is a new, or to be precise an optimized respin that will feature some sort of power saving opimization. It is still not clear if the performance would benefit from the respin.

The name Vertex 5 is not carved in stone as our source points out and although it has been mentioned a couple of times it might also end up to be Vertex 4.20, something that OCZ already did with the Vertex 3. Until the boxes go out to printing the name can be changed easily.

In addition to the new Vertex 4, our sources point out that OCZ will eventually come up with a new Vector as well and as you could have guessed it will be a Vector with 20nm NAND flash chips.

It is also not clear on what kind of effect will these two new SSDs have on pricing of previous models but according to our sources we might see it, or even them, as soon as next month.

We will certainly keep an eye out for further updates.

Last modified on 12 April 2013
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