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Two weeks before bug fix for SSD 320 drives

by on16 August 2011

Intel slammed for slow response to problem
Intel will release a firmware upgrade to fix a bug that causes its SSD 320 solid-state drives to fail in about two weeks. A few months ago, users reported problems in which a power loss caused Intel's SSD 320 drives to crash and lose data .

When the system rebooted the BIOS reported the SSD as having only 8MB of storage capacity. Intel in late July acknowledged the bug, saying the problem had been isolated and that a firmware upgrade to fix the problem was on its way, though it did not provide a release date.

Apparently now it will be two weeks away and it has taken so long because Chipzilla wanted to make sure it worked.
The pending firmware can be installed without a secure erase of the drive, though no lost data will be recovered, the company said.

Users slammed Intel for being too slow to address the problem. Intel said the bug affects a small number of users and asked affected owners to contact customer service until the firmware was issued. Intel was issued replacement drives to customers who experienced the error.

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