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OCZ introduces Indilinx Everest controller

by on21 July 2011

Dual ARM, SATA 6.0Gbps and 1TB
OCZ has announced the latest thing in SSD tech, the Indilinx Everest controller and platform. Packing a SATA 6.0Gbps interface and support for SSDs with capacity of up to 1TB, the new controller should put OCZ ahead of the competition, at least according to what we are hearing for those close to the company.

The controller itself packs dual-core ARM CPU, features support for Triple-Level Cell (TLC) NAND with addition to Indilinx Ndurance tech, up to 512MB of 400MHz DDR3 DRAM cache, high sequential speeds with up to 500MB/s, high transactional perfromance optimized for 4K to 16K compressed files and up to 8channels of ONFI 2.0/Toggle 1.0 flash at up to 200MT/s with up to 16-way interleaving.

The Everest platform also comes with enhanced power fail protection, support for 1xnm node NAND flash, dynamic/static wear-leveling and background garbage collection thatnks to efficient NAND flash management, boot time reduction optimizations, TRIM, SMART and NCQ support, and end-to-end data protection and probably much more.

The platform is currently heading to OEMs for validation and there has been no talks regarding the actual product from OCZ based on the Everest platform. Don't quote us on this one, but let's just say that we wouldn't be surprised to see a Vertex 4 SSD in the near future.

Last modified on 21 July 2011
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