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Intel slashes SSD pricing

by on15 November 2010

And adds a new 120GB model
Xmas is approaching and, as we’ve learned to expect, companies are working round the clock to lure more customers. This time around, Intel announced a new 120GB SSD model and announced price cuts, something we all love to hear.

The 80GB X25-M Mainstream SATA SSD now sells for US$179 whereas its big brother, the 160GB X25-M, sells for US$399. The newly announced 120GB version of the Intel X25-M will sell for US$239 whereas the 40GB Intel X25-V "boot drive" now goes for $99. All prices are for quantities of 1,000.

Troy Winslow, director of product marketing at Intel NAND Solutions Group said how “Every year at Christmas, customers are looking for attractive new technical devices” and that thanks to that, SSDs are slowly creeping into mainstream.

Well, at least they didn’t give us the “We wanted to help and surprise our customers because we’re a caring bunch” talk, for which every sane adult knows it's bull-feces in their purest form. So, for your honesty, have a premature Marry Xmas and may Santa bring you much profit.

Last modified on 15 November 2010
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