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OCZ plans 1.2GB / sec write speed SSD

by on14 January 2010


New Z88 PCIe drive aims for enterprise

If you think
that 200 or even 300MB/sec write speed is great, what if we tell you that OCZ plans to ship the SSD drive that can achieve 1.3GB/sec (1300MB/s) read and 1.2GB/sec (1200MB/sec) write speed. The company has shown off a prototype PCIe Z e88 drive and it should start shipping this product to enterprise market in the next few months.

The size varies from 512MB all the way to 2TB. Of course there will be a 1TB version. The good thing is that 512GB version will be easily upgradeable as you have memory banks similar to SODIMMs and it will be really easy to expand you storage.


This product aims for the super demanding enterprise market and 2TB will probably land at $7000 price, but this is just preliminary price. If the memory speed is crucial for your business and if you can afford it, this is probably the fastest drive that will be available.This is far more faster version of Z drive, at least

This is just a start and we are sure it will get even faster in the next few months.

Last modified on 14 January 2010
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