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Apple AR/VR headset will have an external battery

by on24 April 2023

Streamlined, they have heard of it

In a move which will surprise many who are impressed by Apple's design chops, news has emerged that its coming VR headset will need an external battery pack which is the size of an iPhone. If you want to use it for longer than two hours you will have to plug it in -- defeating the product's portable purpose. 

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said that the mixed reality headset will feature two ports: a USB-C interface for data transfers and a proprietary magnetic port to attach the headset’s external battery pack.

The included power cable reportedly comes with a round tip that attaches magnetically to Apple’s headset. Once inserted into the headset, the cable must be rotated in order to lock into place, which ensures it doesn’t fall out during the use of the headset, Gurman notes. The cable and battery pack come together as one piece.

The power supply will reportedly resemble the recently re-released MagSafe power port and will be roughly the size of an iPhone. Gurman says that the power pack will supply around two hours of battery life. This means that anyone wanting to play long sessions with the device will have to plug the power pack in during gameplay.

The power pack itself will need to be recharged through a USB-C cable connected to a MacBook Pro power adapter. Since one pack provides two hours of battery, Gurman speculates that Apple will likely allow consumers to buy additional packs because they will get more money from the additional sales.

The headset, which is speculated to be named “Reality Pro” or “Reality One," is expected to set customers back around $3,000. 


Last modified on 24 April 2023
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