Apple warns against covering laptop cameras
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Apparently it breaks your expensive machine

Fruity cargo cult Apple has warned its security minded users not to cover their laptop cameras with stickers.

Apple to teach software coding to teachers
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Those who can do, and those who can't teach those who can't do

In a what could possibly go wrong moment, software geniuses at the fruity cargo cult Apple, who have problems writing code which tells the time,  are sharing their skills with US teachers.

Apple continues to sting the British taxpaper
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What a surprise

The fruity cargo cult Apple is continuing to sting the British Inland Revenue.

Samsung copies another one Apple's dumber moves
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Does it never learn?

After making the mistake of copying Apple and releasing its flagship phones for silly prices, and copying it again on getting rid of the headphone jack, Samsung has looked at Apple's really dumb idea to sting its users for more cash and said "we will be having some of that". 

Apple didn't ditch Intel for Skylake
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Friday, 10 July 2020 10:44

Apple didn't ditch Intel for Skylake

It always planned a discrete CPU

This article might serve as a short history class about how Apple operates, especially in hardware design. Apple created its first phone SoC the famous A4 in 2010, and it created its first iPad specific A6X chip in 2012.

Apple will develop its discrete GPU
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Friday, 10 July 2020 09:49

Apple will develop its discrete GPU

Total hardware control

Earlier this week, there were some rumors that Apple will use its graphics IP to build the discrete graphics processors, probably starting with a notebook first, and we can assure you that these plans are real.

Japan Display falls on Apple’s OLED decision
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Company Apple dependent

Shares of Apple supplier Japan Display fell by six percent after a media report that Apple will use OLED screens for all its forthcoming fifth-generation (5G) iPhones this year.

Apple slammed by advertisers
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Friday, 03 July 2020 11:22

Apple slammed by advertisers

It looks like Apple is doing something good for once

A group of European digital advertising associations slammed Apple plans to require apps to seek additional permission from users before tracking them across other apps and websites.

New Mac ransomware is super smug
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Friday, 03 July 2020 10:41

New Mac ransomware is super smug

Users just can’t believe it is happening to them

While the writers of ransomware tend to leave Apple Macs alone due to the fact they have no need to threaten someone’s Coldplay collection, a new example has just appeared and appears to be gaining some traction.

Apple’s data tracking was not as good as thought
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Turns out Jobs’ Mob could not predict the future

Apple’s new data tracking human mobility trends service has turned out disappointing as it could not predict the future as believed.