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Apple is having trouble with mixed reality

by on14 March 2023

It interferes with its reality distortion field

Fruity cargo-cult Apple is having trouble with its mixed reality headsets, and while the Tame Apple Press is telling the world+dog that it is about to be released, divisions among those at the flying saucer suggest it is not.

On one hand, there are those in Apple's operations team wanted to ship a "version one" product with a design resembling a pair of ski goggles. On the other, the tech giant's industrial design team thinks Apple should wait until it was more feasible to make a "lightweight version of AR glasses."

Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly decided to greenlight the operations team's choice, deciding to "press ahead with a debut this year."

However, Apple has yet to officially mention its mixed-reality headset, even if it has been in development for more than seven years.  In fact, if it were not for the Tame Apple Press occasionally getting enthused about the project we would have stopped thinking about it.

The Tame Apple Press has said that it will cost a fortune, which we worked out, and have 8K displays. Other reports claim the headset may require an iPhone to function or feature Apple's M2 chip.  Others have suggested that it will be powered by a genetically modified hamster running around a little wheel (we made that last one up).

The Cook sign off rumour means that it is possible that the huge mixed reality specs will go on show at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference this June.

If it doesn’t then Apple’s mixed reality headset might just be doomed to be vapourware, along with the Apple car, and just a figment of the Tame Apple Press’s fevered imagination.


Last modified on 14 March 2023
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