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HTC Vive integrated headphone strap is coming soon enough

by on08 May 2017

Available June 6th for $99

HTC hsaidthat starting June 6th, all of its Vive headset customers can buy an integrated headphone solution to improve the ergonomics of the device and provide a more comfortable experience during extended use. Which means the last iteration can't have been much cop.

At CES, HTC announced a new accessory for the Vive called the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap, an accessory that integrated on-ear earphones to offer both height and angle adjustments, and to make every day VR headset use a more "enjoyable" experience.

Was it good? Nobody really knows.

The strap features hard-sided construction with interior padding for the headphones, providing better ergonomics and improving overall weight balance during gameplay and entertainment sessions. The headphones are connected via the Vive’s on-board audio jack. Also included is a quick sizing dial to make the process of switching between users and dismantling the headset much easier.

Vive Business Edition will include them in box

HTC said  it will begin shipping its Vive Business Edition headsets to commercial and enterprise customers, which have been available for pre-order since February 27th. This package sells for $1,200 without tax and includes a dedicated Business Edition customer support line, two wireless controllers, two base stations, a link box, the Deluxe Audio Strap, additional earbuds, four face cushions and standard charging and connectivity peripherals.

The HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap will be available on June 6th for $99 (€119.99, £99.99, ¥799.00) at and HTC partnering retailers.

Next Vive accessory promises VR eye tracking, and a bit of rendering

Another accessory that HTC appears to be working on is an upgrade kit that claims to bring foveated rendering and real-time eye tracking to the Vive experience. The accessory, called aGlass, is being developed by Chinese startup 7invensun that allows the VR experience to more accurately imitate the way vision works in the real-world while reducing the hardware requirements for VR applications. The startup has received funding from some of HTC’s venture capital and plans to launch pre-orders for the local Chinese market in June for ¥1,500 ($219). Pricing and release dates for the US have yet to be confirmed.

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