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Microsoft kills second gen HoloLens

by on21 February 2017

Working on Version three instead 

Microsoft appears to be getting cold feet over its HoloLens and is not going to release a second version of the gear.

For those who came in late, when the first version of Hololens came out, Microsoft created a roadmap that highlighted several release points for the product. The idea was that a second-generation device which was smaller and more affordable might actually get onto the shelves.

Then a third version which features new technology upgrades the experience and takes the industry by storm.

However, Vole has decided that version two is not going to happen and it is going straight to version three, only much later.

Cynics think that Microsoft has had a look around and noticed that it has such a lead in the AR space it does not need to release a product that is only an incremental update.

By skipping what was version two on their roadmap, the company can accelerate version three and help keep Microsoft ahead of the competition. However, this does not appear to be happening until 2019.

Vole says that it is still thinks that mixed reality is the future of computing, and Microsoft HoloLens is the future and present of mixed reality. It is continuing to invest heavily into improving version one with updated software.

It does mean though that a cheaper HoloLens will not arrive this year or likely next year. Vole appears to be playing the long game, which could leave it vulnerable to another company. Apple has said it is interested, and it would be its style rush in where Voles fear to tread and claim it invented the tech. However, if Apple were going to do that before 2019 we would be seeing “leaks” and gushing press claiming Apple was doing it now. Since that has not happened yet, Microsoft appears to have breathing space.

Last modified on 21 February 2017
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