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Amazon comes up with noise cancelling headphones that listen for specific sounds

by on02 August 2016

Can hear for someone calling your name

Amazon has been granted a patent for headphones that not only cancel out noise, but also listen for specific sounds or phrases and respond by automatically turning off the feature so the user can hear sound from their surroundings.

This will prove useful if you are listening in a noisy environments where you might actually need to pay attention to the occasional noise. If you are shopping hearing the sound of gunfire might be rather useful as would be screams of people in distress.

In addition, the headphones can also listen for phrases to turn noise canceling back on again, so the user can resume their listening experience hands-free.

Of course it is just a patent and there is no indication that Amazon has got it working, or intends to release a product around it.

Amazon patent 796x398

Last modified on 02 August 2016
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