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Apple stuffs up iPod release

by on20 July 2015

It does not work with Apple Music

Apple appears to have forgotten all about its new iPod and forgotten to make it play nice with Apple music.

It is fair enough, the iPod is old technology, but the question is why release it at all if you are not going to support it?

According to Apple its non-support of Apple Music on the iPod is to curb privacy. Apple Music tracks will work on an iPod Touch because Apple will be able to remove the locally stored tracks if the user cancels their subscription.

So why not allow iPods to do that when they were refreshed Wednesday in the first update for the iPod line since October 2012? No one is really sure. It is probably something to do with the iPod department not being allowed to talk to the Apple Music department in one of Apple's famous company security firewalls.

Apple Music tracks can be saved to an iPod Touch because it runs iOS and nothing else. Thus on the new iPod models Apple Music tracks can't be synced.

Even in the Tame Apple Press writers are questioning if iPod Shuffles or Nanos are worthwhile products in 2015. But since we have been saying that about every Apple toy after the Apple IIc that is not really an argument.

Apple is clearly bored with the iPod, apart from the iPod Touch, which is being positioned as an entry-level iOS device and heaven forbid that something so dated should work with its god-awful music streaming service.

Last modified on 20 July 2015
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