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Apple watch has availability problems

by on17 April 2015

Might still be vapourware

While the Tame Apple Press is telling anyone that listens that there will be millions of iWatches flogged, it seems that the overpriced toy will not be as available as many think.

According to a leak in the Telegraph Apple watches will not be available to buy in-store in May.

Apple retail Chief Angela Ahrendts has told staff that they will be asked to order online to "get customers the model they want earlier and faster."

Deliveries of the watches was expected on April 24 but it seems that they will not be available in the shops at least until May.

Apple always has supply problems with its new tech, and indeed cynics suggest that nothing creates a feeling of anticipation than being denied a product.

Personally we are hoping as many people as possible shell as much cash as possible for the iWatch. This is because when they get it they will soon realise that they wasted their money and might question the knee-jerk must by any old crap with an Apple logo on it mentality.

The iWatch has been stripped of most of its useful functionality and clones which offer similar specs are available in China for $40.

Last modified on 17 April 2015
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