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Apple sucks up to gold iwatch buyers

by on30 March 2015

Always believe in your soul, you've got the power to know, you're indestructable

Fruity cargo cult Apple is apparently planning to butter up those people who are so stupidly rich they think that a £13,500 gold iWatch is a good idea.

Anyone offering to buy one of Apple's overpriced toys will be allowed to skip all queues and see dedicated Edition sales staff immediately. They will get 30 minutes to try on the gold wearable - compared to just five to 15 minutes for buyers of the aluminium Watch Sport and stainless steel Watch.

Apple has not said that you will be allowed to use one of its geniuses as a personal body  slave, but it would not deny it either (in fact we didn't ask them).

During this half-hour, customers will be allowed to compare two models of Watch Edition at a time, but to lower the risk of theft, sales staff will only offer a third comparison depending on how busy the store is.
Personally we are hoping that someone tries one on and attempts to do a runner, just to see what happens.

Not all Apple Stores will stock the Watch Edition range, but if they book online a customer can have the watches couriered to their local store for inspection.
A special station and chairs will be installed in each store selling the Watch Edition, separate from the rest of the shop.

The stations will include a demonstration kit holding the watches and a try-on mat, like those found in jewellery stores. Once the customer has spent up to 30 minutes trying on the Edition, they will be shown accessories and given the option of having their watch set up there and then, or via a new online service called Virtual Personal Setup.

The setup service will be available to both Watch and Watch Edition customers. It allows them to set up a video conference from home with an online Apple Store employee to learn more about the watch, either before or after they have made the purchase.

The entry-level aluminium Apple Watch Sport starts at £299, while prices run up to £13,500 for the most expensive gold Watch Edition.

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