Nvidia talks DLSS and how it's going to get better
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Further DLSS improvement coming for Metro Exodus

Nvidia has released a blog post in the form of a Q&A which talks about DLSS and how it actually works, as well as giving a promise of better things to come.

Nvidia DLSS now available in Battlefield V and Metro Exodus
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Works good but with limitations

Nvidia was quite keen to announce that both Battlefield V and Metro Exodus got DLSS support, boosting performance by up to 40 percent, but there is a slight catch.

3DMark Port Royal gets DLSS support
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Tuesday, 05 February 2019 13:06

3DMark Port Royal gets DLSS support

Up to 50 percent boost on RTX series

It was just a matter of time before UL Benchmarks' added DLSS support to its ray tracing 3DMark Port Royal benchmark, and according to Nvidia, it shows a possible 50 percent boost in performance on RTX series graphics cards.

Nvidia adds nine games to the DLSS-support list
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Darksiders III, SCUM, and more

Nvidia is pushing hard to bring as many developers on the RTX train and while support for Nvidia Ray Tracing might be limited to a couple of titles at launch, Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) support is gaining much more ground with nine new titles added to the list.

Nvidia reveals first Geforce RTX 20-series performance details
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Brings 4K HDR 60Hz on a single card

Nvidia has decided to share some of the details regarding the performance of its upcoming Geforce RTX 20-series, specifically for the Geforce RTX 2080, which should roughly end up around 1.5x to 2x faster than the previous generation.

Nvidia shares more details about ray tracing in games
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Some games will only get DLSS

Following the previous announcement of the new Geforce RTX series, Nvidia has now disclosed a few more details about which games will actually adopt Ray Tracing and which will focus on Deep Learning Super-Sampling.