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GTX 280 scores 14,800

by on16 June 2008


In 3Dmark06

We managed to get a few scores out of the soon-to-be-launched Geforce GTX 280, the fastest Nvidia card. In 3Dmark06 a single card scores 14,800, and we are talking about a high-end overclocked quad-core Intel-based system.

If you plug in two Geforce 280 GTX cards and enable SLI you will get a slightly better score of 18,000, and with the 177.34 drivers if you plug three GTX 280 cards and enable 3-way SLI you end up getting 18,100, which is not something to get excited about.

You obviously need a better driver for 3-way SLI for these cards, and we can tell you that these three cards need a lot of power and that all test were conducted on Vista 32-bit.

Each card needs approximately 215W of power and this is a lot for a graphics card. In 3Dmark Vantage, Nvidia will score slightly better, but we didn’t manage to get these scores at press time.



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