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MSI Afterburner collateral damage of Putin's invasion

by on10 January 2023

The cost of invading other people’s countries

One of the casualties of Tsar Putin’s war against Ukraine appears to be one of the most popular GPU performance monitoring and tuning tools.

MSI Afterburner developer Alexey’ Unwinder’ Nicolaychuk said the Russian project is probably dead after being halted for a year “due to the political situation.”

This refers to the Ukraine war and sanctions on Russia, supported by many companies, such as MSI and Asus.

His comments followed a discussion where developers wondered about using the tool on the new AMD Radeon RX 7000 graphics cards like the RX 7900 XT.

In response to a query about upcoming support for the new RDNA3 GPUs, the developer clarified that anyone waiting for further GPU support would probably be waiting a while. MSI Afterburner may even have already reached the end of its development.

MSI Afterburner has already been in stasis for some time. It has been almost a year since MSI collaborated with the Russian developer on the software. The Afterburner license agreement was dissolved about 11 months ago. ‘Unwinder’ has tried to continue to update and refine the project without the support of MSI’s hardware and software resources, but he opined that the job has been like “flogging a dead horse.”

He said he would continue to offer some support for the GPU tool in his spare time, but he will likely have to now focus on other paid projects to pay the bills. Paying the bills is crucial because MSI said it could not transfer to the author’s bank account successfully.

MSI, however, is keen to ensure its popular Afterburner app continues. In a statement, it said that it would continue with MSI Afterburner. “MSI has been working on a solution and expects it to be resolved soon.”


Last modified on 10 January 2023
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