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AMD’s Ryzen 7040 Phoenix APUs could dominate Intel next year

by on27 December 2022

14th Gen Meteor Lake is no match

While most of the tech press is waxing lyrical about Chipzilla’s mighty onboard Meteor Lake graphics, it is starting to look like Intel is going to be stuffed into its locker by AMD’s  Ryzen 7040 Phoenix APUs.

The buzz around Intel’s offering is mostly focused on the new "Xe LPG" architecture which will succeed Xe LP. Word on the street is that Intel is unlikely to release Meteor Lake before the second half of 2023, and probably around the fourth quarter.

The powerful encoding engine could potentially mean a lot of success for Intel in the laptop market as the Xe LPG graphics will do the heavy lifting for video encoding. In contrast, the paired discrete GPU can focus on the gaming side.

If Intel had the market to itself, then it would be game over, but AMD is also gearing up with its own AV1 encoding features on next-gen Ryzen 7040 series Phoenix APUs. These have RDNA 3-based integrated graphics. RDNA 3 improves AV1 encoding dramatically.

The tech press claims that Intel's solution is likely better, but AMD's AV1 encoding could be more than good enough, particularly as AMD is likely to dominate Intel in terms of shader performance as RDNA 3 APUs are said to be bringing decent uplift over the current-gen Ryzen 6000 series that features RDNA 2.

It could go even further as the dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn saying that AMD’s Phoenix's performance could rival an Nvidia RTX 3060. Nvidia is currently behind AMD's current 6000 series APUs.  If all this mid Christmas rumour-mongering proves true then next year should be a good year for AMD.


Last modified on 27 December 2022
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