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Navi 24 fails to impress

by on23 December 2022

Let us count the ways this let us down….

AMD’s Navi 24 tech has us shocked about the level of its pointlessness.

It can’t handing media encoding and AV1 decoding and has only four PCIe lanes (x4) which means it finds anything older than PCIe 4.0 too taxing and it needs to have a lie down afterwards.

Navi 24 appeared on desktops in the form of the RX 6500 XT and RX 6400. They have 4gigs of VRAM which is simply not enough to compensate for the low PCIe bandwidth if the VRAM buffer is exceeded. Most AAA games routinely exceed 4GB VRAM as textures and other assets need it.

AMD has launched an 8GB 6500 XT its availability is somewhere between that of a compassionate conservative politician and a viable Twitter management policy being delivered by Elon Musk.

AMD could soon be releasing another card in the Navi 24 family -- the RX 6300. Rumours here are not that promising either. One source said that the AMD Radeon RX 6300 will only have 2GB of VRAM which would mean that it is a higher-clocked version of the RX 6300M mobile GPU.

If the rumours are true, then we have to wonder what AMD has been smoking as the 6300 will be the worst card AMD or Nvidia will have launched in recent memory as the 4GB VRAM is already not enough due to the low PCIe bus width. A 4GB RX 6300 will be a lot better overall as the GPU could be half decent.


Last modified on 23 December 2022
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