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AMD RDNA 3 GPU architecture promises over 50 percent improvement

by on10 June 2022

5nm process and chiplet packaging

In addition to giving us some insight into its Zen CPU future, AMD has unveiled a bit more details about its RDNA 3 graphics architecture during the Financial Analyst Day 2022, confirming that RDNA 3 will be built on 5nm manufacturing and have a chiplet packaging. 

According to AMD's David Wang, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Radeon Technologies Group, the projected performance-per-Watt uplift for its RDNA 3 architecture is over 50 percent, compared to RDNA 2 architecture. AMD further explains that the uplift is achieved through a 5nm manufacturing process, advanced chiplet packaging, rearchitected compute unit, optimized graphics pipeline, and the next-gen AMD Infinity Cache.

amd rdna3 1

The new roadmap briefly mentions the RDNA 4 architecture that will be based on an "advanced node", and probably come in 2024.

amd rdna3 2

As you already know, AMD's RDNA 3 is expected to launch later this year with Navi 3x and according to what AMD is promising, we are certainly looking forward to it.


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