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3dfx might be making a comeback

by on02 August 2021

Even if it was swallowed by Nvidia

After 20 years 3dfx, the graphics card maker which went bankrupt and was swallowed by Nvidia, might be making a comeback.

According to Betanews  the company is rising from the dead.  Over the weekend, a Twitter account for 3dfx Interactive appeared and started posting some interesting tweets. First, there is at the promise of a "major announcement regarding our return this Thursday" (August 5), followed by a poll asking people if they'd like to see a new 3dfx Voodoo card. So, what's going on?

For those who came in late, 3dfx was a key part of the 90s gaming scene, and its Voodoo range of graphics cards were extremely popular. The sudden appearance of a Twitter account bearing its name is more than a little surprising, and at time of writing it has only managed to gather 3,500 followers. But the three tweets that it has posted have set tongues wagging in the tech world.

It could all be a disappointing rumour. There are a few things that ring alarm bells. Firstly, despite the claim of being an official account, the 3dfx Interactive Twitter account has not been verified.

Additionally, there is no link to an official website -- nor does one seem to exist. Thirdly, the typo in the tweet about the upcoming announcement ("an major") seems a bit strange.

There is also the image used in the tweet. As noted by Komputer Swiat, it appears to originate from a DeviantArt user called Vermaden who posted it some seven years ago.

We will know by Thursday, but this is one which is definitely in our wild rumours during the silly season pile until then.

Last modified on 02 August 2021
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