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Nvidia unveils Cryptocurrency Mining Processors (CMPs)

by on19 February 2021

Line of GPUs for crypto mining

Nvidia has prepared quite a few surprises, including its newest line of Cryptocurrency Mining Processors (CMPs), dedicated GPUs for mining. According to what is known so far, there will be a total of four CMP SKUs, ranging from 26MH/s to 86MH/s.

According to Nvidia, these are "dedicated GPUs for professional mining", and should, together with limitations that Nvidia plans to implement on its future Geforce series graphics cards, ease the pressure on the graphics card market supply.

While it is still not clear what GPUs are these CMP SKUs based on, Nvidia did release some details, and we are looking at four different SKUs, 30HX, 40HX, 50HX, and the 90HX. As you can see from Nvidia's official table below, these will range from 125W to 320W TDP, with 6GB, 8GB, and 10GB of RAM, and 26MH/s, 36MH/s, 45MH/s, and 86MH/s Ethereum hashrate.

nvida cmp 1n

Nvidia also said that CMPs won't have display outputs, allowing them to design a much better and effective cooling solution, as well as have a lower peak voltage and lower frequencies, increasing efficiency even further.

Compared to Geforce series cards, the CMPs offer slightly lower hashrate at higher TDP, which is a rather big surprise, as Geforce cards will still offer better efficiency, so we expect CMPs to be cheaper, lowering initial investment compared to Geforce series cards.

Nvidia did say that we can expect CMPs from usual Nvidia AIC partners like Asus, eVGA, Gigabyte, MSI and others, and as you could see from the table, 30HX and 40HX are launching in Q1, while 50HX and 90HX are coming in Q2 2021.

Hopefully, such a move, together with mining limitations on Geforce graphics card series, which will start with the Geforce RTX 3060, will somewhat fix the supply issue and leave more Geforce cards for the gaming market, at least if those limitations hold.

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