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Turing not coming next month

by on02 March 2018

Still coming but not in March

It is starting to look like hopes that Nvidia is not going to release details of a new GPU for consumers called Turing in March.

Rumours that the graphics card maker named after a Roman vengeance demon was to release Turing at the March GDC and GTC 2018 shows came from analysts during cosy chats about Nvidia's latest set of financial results. Reuters talked to analysts from the likes of Morgan Stanley and others about the upcoming launch event.

Now Tom's Hardware has published a report that said any Turing GPU news at GDC and GTC 2018 (both in March) is likely to be very thin on the ground and insubstantial. The site said that it heard the same thing from multiple independent sources: "...apart from a possible announcement and a rather vague 'appetiser,' nothing concrete regarding Nvidia's next-gen gaming graphics products is likely to be revealed at these shows".

Tom's Hardware has released a new roadmap which is a little less exciting:

  • Nvidia will continue to roll out Volta GPU based products for professionals/businesses
  • Ampere will arrive to replace Volta in the professional / business segment, with no consumer offshoots
  • Turing will be teased but a no-show, as it won't be in mass production until June
  • Turing GPUs will hard launch at Gamescom in August, supported by AIB partners

Cynics would say that there isn't enough pressure on Nvidia to release new products on the consumer side. The cryptocurrency classic bubble scenario is still running and Nvidia's cards are already being sold as fast as they can be made, and don't need a new consumer range.

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