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AMD officially launches Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition

by on12 December 2017



Radeon Software Core Technologies improvements

AMD was quite keen to improve some of its already available features, now known as core technologies.

The list starts with the Radeon WattMan, the power management tool, which has been updated to get custom profiles. Standard and power users will now have a chance to create, save and load their own performance/Watt profiles, share them and even get community-driven profiles that should be best suited for their graphics card.

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Radeon Chill was one of our favorite features back when it was introduced by AMD's Terry Makedon and Andrej Zdravkovic with Crimson ReLive Edition, although it suffered from a lack of wider game support. Bear in mind that AMD apparently had to test each title and then release the Radeon Chill profile.

With the new Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition, Radeon Chill will get support for a bunch of new games as it appears that it simply works. Those games that behave strangely will be blacklisted by future driver release but so far AMD is saying that it basically works in every title they tried.

According to AMD, Radeon Chill brings significant power consumption improvements of up to 60 percent in some titles, which is an impressive achievement. It works with AMD FreeSync and can automatically lower power consumption.

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AMD Enhanced Sync was introduced for those that lacked AMD FreeSync monitor and meant to minimize screen tearing. With Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition, AMD has brought support for all Radeon GCN-based graphics cards, support for Vulkan API, multi-GPU and Eyefinity support and support for notebooks powered by discrete GCN-based GPUs.

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AMD's earlier big update, the Radeon ReLive, capture, streaming and sharing part of Radeon Software, has been also updated. It got the new Connect tab, which, as you could have guessed allows you to connect and manage all your social accounts, including Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Mixer, Youku, Sina Weibo and others, as well as manage, organize and upload your videos and screenshots. It also gets the resource center part which will include informative articles about Radeon features, technologies, etc.

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Radeon ReLive also got improved gameplay performance as with certain optimizations, AMD has managed to lower performance impact when Radeon ReLive is used, claiming up to 84 percent lower FPS overhead.

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Radeon ReLive also got Borderless Region Capture support, which allows users to select a window for streaming, new Chroma Key support which brings transparency for webcam backgrounds while streaming, separate audio tracks for easy microphone audio editing and AMD Eyefinity support.

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AMD also teamed up with Stage TEN, a third-party browser-based platform that allows streamers to edit and further direct/produce their live streams.


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