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Nvidia GP108 Pascal GPU gets pictured

by on28 April 2017

Geforce GT 1030 to compete with RX 550

Nvidia's response to Radeon RX 550 is launching soon and the picture of the new GP108-300 Pascal GPU has already come up online with the Geforce GT 1030 benchmark in tow.

The Geforce GT 1030, although earlier named as the GTX 1030, has been rumored for past few weeks so it does not come as a surprise that we now get to check out a picture of the smallest GP108-300 Pascal GPU. 

According to, picked up by, the Geforce GT 1030, which will be based on the pictured GP108-300 Pascal GPU, will pack 512 CUDA cores and have a 30W TDP.

nvidia gt1030 1

A benchmark result, coming from the Ashes of the Singularity database, has been revealed as well and shows that the GT 1030 should offer similar performance to the recently announced Radeon RX 550 and it could also end up with a similar price.

nvidia gt1030 2

The rumor that the GT 1030 will focus mostly on Chinese market also does not come as a surprise since it, as well as the RX 550, are mostly aimed at casual and MOBA gamers.

Currently, Nvidia holds the high-end market with AMD gearing up to release its Vega GPU in the next few months, starting the battle for that market space, but with Geforce GT 1030 launching in the second week of May, we will also have a battle for the entry-level market, which is quite lucrative due to a big interest from OEMs and system integrators.


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