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Futuremark unveils the VRMark

by on03 November 2016

The Virtual Reality benchmark

Futuremark has announced its newest benchmark suite, the VRMark, which will test a system's ability to run VR games and other VR applications.

With recommended frame-rate for an optimal VR experience set at 90fps, the performance required for VR gaming is much higher than a typical PC game so VRMark will actually test the system and give a score that will show if the system is ready to deliver VR experience on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift VR headset.

Since this is a benchmark suite, it does not actually need a VR headset but will run on the monitor. Of course, it can also be run on a connected headset in HMD mode.

In order to test the system, the new VRMark Orange Room test has an impressive level of detail that will show if the system is ready for two of the most popular VR systems that are currently available. The Blue Room benchmark, which is only available in the Advanced Edition of the VRMark, is meant for high-performance PCs and shows more detailed results as well as hardware monitoring charts.

The Advanced Edition also adds the Experience mode, which allows the exploration of both the Orange Room and Blue Room and adds an ability to customize the benchmark.

As it was the case with most previous benchmarks from Futuremark, the VRMark is also available as a free Basic Edition and as a US $19.99 priced Advanced Version.

You can find more details over at Futuremark's VRMark site where you can also download the free version.

futuremark vrmark 1

futuremark vrmark 2

futuremark vrmark 3


Last modified on 03 November 2016
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