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Nvidia’s Division drivers could cook your rig

by on09 March 2016

New drivers are a cow

Reports are coming in that Nvidia’s Division graphics drivers are so buggy that they have been known to catch GPUs on fire.

More benign problems have included freezing and boot loops and what is worrying is that none of the users seem to know why. The problem might be how you installed the driver as most of the bugs appear when you pick Express Installation.

The driver at fault (364.47) was only released this week so if you upgraded you might like to roll back to the previous version.

Nvidia’s officially confirmed the issues on its website, saying it had replaced the faulty driver with a new version and was waiting on certification from Microsoft before sending it out to gamers.

There is a beta driver (364.51) already available to download from its support website. It hasn’t been approved by Microsoft but apparently it works ok. This is a bit cheaper than buying a new graphics card.

Last modified on 09 March 2016
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