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Nvidia releases GTX 980 for notebooks graphics card

by on23 September 2015

Desktop part squeezed on MXM package

Although there were plenty of rumors regarding Nvidia's new GM204-based graphics card for notebooks, Nvidia has now officially announced it, simply calling it the GTX 980 for notebooks.

Based on the same GM204 Maxwell GPU as the desktop Geforce GTX 980 graphics card, the GTX 980 packs 2048 CUDA cores, 128 TMUs and 64 ROPs, as well as 4 or 8GB of GDDR5 memory with a 256-bit memory interface, all squeezed tightly on an MXM package.

The precise clocks will actually depend on the notebook manufacturers, but reference values are set at 1064MHz for the GPU and 7000MHz for memory. The TDP is set at around 150W but it will heavily depend on the actual clocks. Nvidia also recommend 4- to 8-phase PSU for notebooks with GTX 980 for notebooks and notes that it has a 50 percent higher peak current.

nvidia gtx980mobile 2

With the GTX 980 for notebooks, Nvidia is giving a lot of freedom to notebook manufacturers but it also want them to focus on overclocking, something that was not that big when it comes to notebooks. Notebook manufacturers and users will be able to adjust GPU clocks, memory clocks and fan curves but voltage and power targets will be locked. Nvidia's own slide suggest that the GTX 980 for notebook might be able go over 1400MHz for the GPU and over 7500MHz for the memory.

According to Nvidia, notebooks equipped with the GTX 980 for notebooks graphics card will be able to max out al the latest games, provide surround gaming on notebooks and more importantly, be the world's first virtual reality notebooks.

This is definitely a niche market but it appears that there is still a demand for such notebooks. According to some reports, notebooks with the GTX 980 for notebooks graphics card could end up around 25 percent more expensive than your standard gaming notebook but premium performance comes at a premium price.

nvidia gtx980mobile 3

nvidia gtx980mobile 3

nvidia gtx980mobile 3

nvidia gtx980mobile 3

nvidia gtx980mobile 3

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