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Revised Radeon R9 Fury X pump-block spotted

by on02 July 2015

AMD indeed fixing pump-block noise on Fury X

While reviewers and buyers have complained about a rather loud whine coming from the AiO cooler pump-block on the Radeon R9 Fury X graphics card, it appears that it was indeed limited to initial batch as revised pump-block have been now spotted and it produces much less noise.

Early reviews have complained about both the coil noise, which probably won't be fixed until we see some custom versions of the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X graphics card with better chokes, as well as about the loud whine noise coming from the pump-block part of the AiO liquid cooling. AMD has been aware of that problem and has worked with Cooler Master in fixing it and now we have some of the first pictures of the revised pump-block for Fury X.

According to report, there is unfortunately no way to spot the revised version unless you plan to unscrew the Fury X front plate in the shop since the only noticeable difference is on the Cooler Master logo on top of the pump-block component. This one has been changed from earlier multi-color sticker to a 2-color chrome badge.

According to users on Anandtech forums, the new pump-block component is much quieter and hopefully all new batches will have that pump-block design, otherwise you can just hope that you got the right one.

AMD FuryXblockpump 1

AMD FuryXblockpump 2

Last modified on 02 July 2015
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