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EK Water Blocks announces new GTX Titan X water block

by on18 March 2015

Four different versions of the EK-FC Titan X

EK Water Blocks, a premium liquid cooling manufacturer from Slovenia, has announced its newest GTX Titan X water block, the EK-FC Titan X.

Based on on a full-cover design, the new EK-FC Titan X will cool the GM200 Maxwell GPU, those 12GB of GDDR5 memory as well as the VRM part of the graphics card, ensuring that all components stay well cooled even under high overclock scenario.

The EK-FC Titan X water block will be available in five different versions and the base is made of bare or nickel-plated electrolytic copper, depending on the version, while the top is made of acrylic or POM Acetal material, also depending on the version.

The EKWB EK-FC Titan X water block also comes with EK central inlet split-flow cooling engine design, which was introduced back with the EK-FC980 GTX water block, and which allows the block to be used in liquid cooling systems with weaker pumps, as well as reversed water flow design systems, without any performance loss.

The Acrylic versions of the EK-FC Titan X water block also come with two pre-drilled slots for 3mm LED diodes in case you want to add some green LEDs, as any other color would not go well with Nvidia's GTX Titan X.

The EK-FC Titan X also lines up perfectly with previously available EK-FC980 GTX and EK-FC780 GTX Ti water blocks which should allow trouble-free swap out and upgrade without any changes to the cooling system.

The new EK-FC Titan X water block is added to the EK Cooling Configurator database and is already available for purchase via EK Webshop and its Partner Reseller Network. In addition to the five versions of EK-FC Titan X water block, including the standard, Acetal, Nickel, Acetal+Nickel and Nickel (Original CSQ) versions, EKWB will also offer a backplate in five different versions, Black and Nickel as well as Blue, Gold and Red.

The price for the new EK-FC Titan X is set at €99,95 for the standard and Acetal version and €109,95 for the Nickel, Acetal+Nickel and Nickel (Original CSQ) versions, while the backplate will be priced anywhere between €29,95 and €37,95, depending on the version.

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