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Braswell has DirectX 11 graphics

by on05 August 2014

Celeron and Pentium branding

Intel plans to update its entry level processor line with next generation Braswell 14nm based products soon.

Braswell replaces Bay-Trail 22nm processors that ended up branded as Celeron and Pentium and won quite a few design wins, ranging from entry level notebooks, tablets through desktops.

Braswell is supposed to launch in Q1 2015 and this 14nm dual or quad-core will come with 8th generation Intel HD Graphics with full support for DirectX 11. It has 16 executing units or EUs, just like the Ivy Bridge 32nm core that launched two years ago. We are certain that the graphics component of Braswell will end up faster than with Bay-Trail M / D generation. Chipset supports 4-lane PCI Express 2.0 at 5 GT/s in case you want more graphics performance, but this will be mainly used for the desktop parts.

Braswell supports three independent 2560x1600 displays

The new graphics core has full hardware support for video encoding and decoding, but we don’t know if some exotic codes such as VP9 or H.265 are included, as they are the codecs of the future and 4K support.
Braswell is also coming with support for up to three independent displays, with resolutions up to 2560x1600, which should be enough for most users in entry level market.

Intel plans to brand Braswell as Pentium and Celeron J to offer some kind of distinction between its in-order cores such as Haswell and out-of-order cores such is Bay Trail and Braswell.

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