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Intel gains GPU market share, again

by on19 May 2014

Nvidia flat, AMD down

Q1 is a traditionally slow quarter for GPU sales and according to Jon Peddie Research, Q1 2014 was no exception.

Shipments were down 10 percent sequentially, but desktop shipments saw a slightly slower decline and they were down 6.7 percent. The overall trend is positive, as the previous three quarters were strong.

Intel managed to gain share

Seasonality took its toll on AMD. The company’s overall GPU shipments were down 18.2 percent. Nvidia, AMD’s principal rival in the GPU space, suffered a 10.4-percent decline. However, Intel’s shipments decreased 7.9 percent.

JPR points out that Intel’s desktop embedded graphics shipments decreased 5.1 percent, while notebooks declined 9.7 percent. Ninety nine percent of Intel’s desktop chips now feature integrated graphics. Although AMD likes to tout its iGPU superiority, only two thirds of AMD’s non-server parts feature integrated graphics. AMD also ships integrated graphics chipsets, something that we haven’t seen on Intel platforms for a while.

As a result, Intel’s market share in Q1 was 66.8 percent, up from 65.1 percent. Intel’s market share last year was 60.8 percent.

Discrete slump

Shipments of discrete GPUs were down 11.5 sequentially. Part of the drop can be attributed to seasonal trends, but shipments were also down 14.3 from last year. JPR says the long-term trend for discrete GPUs is not good. The firm forecasts a CAGR of 0.1 percent from 2014 to 2017.

Shipments of AMD APUs dropped 21.9 percent in desktops, but they were up 3.7 percent in the notebook space. AMD’s discrete desktop shipments decreased 6.6 percent, while notebook discrete shipments declined 21.8 percent. AMD’s overall market share slumped to just 16.7 percent, down from 18.3 last quarter and 20.6 percent a year ago.

Nvidia’s share remains flat at 16.6 percent, but it’s down year-on-year. Nvidia’s share in Q1 2013 was 18.2 percent. 

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