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GTX 750 Ti launches today for $149

by on18 February 2014

Behold, Maxwell

Today is the big day for Nvidia. The company is set to introduce Maxwell, the new generation graphics architecture later today, but the first product is no flagship. Maxwell is power oriented, it will need much less power and at the same clock it will perform faster than Kepler or Fermi.

We have heard that compared to Fermi, Maxwell performs at four times less power than Fermi, you can get high-end GTX 480 at one quarter of the wattage.

Pricewise the Geforce GTX 750 TI will sell for $149 and will compete with the Radeon HD R7 265. AMD launched this card to spoil Nvidia’s party as it should cost the same and perform on about the same level. The Geforce GTX 750 will sell for $119 and again AMD reacted by dropping the price of Radeon R7 260X to the exact same price point.

Maxwell will offer decent performance and has been described as “solid product” that will have good performance and low power consumption, but it won’t blow our mind, not yet.

The mind blowing Maxwell parts are coming later this year, in the form of 20nm GM200 products. They will offer a significant performance boost to the high end graphics market and they should dethrone Radeon R9 290X and Geforce GTX 780 TI cards. Since GM 200 parts are coming in the latter half of the year, AMD shouldn’t be far behind with its 20nm parts.

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