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Powercolor launches its own R7 250X

by on11 February 2014


With 512 Stream Processors

Powercolor is one of the first partners to actually announce the new R7 250X graphics card which was recently launched by AMD.

Although all official AMD slides and information suggest that the upcoming Radeon R7 250X should pack 640 Stream Processors, be based on Oland GPU (Cape Verde) and pretty much is a rebrand of the previously released HD 7770 GHz Edition, Powercolor's R7 250X packs 512 Stream Processors, which is slightly less than expected. It also packs 1GB of GDDR5 memory paired up with a 128-bit memory interface.

It is still not clear if the 512 Stream Processors is a simple typo from Powercolor, or this one is actually based on Cape Verde Pro GPU, which was behind the HD 7750 graphics card. According to details from Powercolor, the new R7 250X works at 1000MHz for the GPU while memory ended up clocked at 1125MHz (4.5GHz effective).

Unfortunately, Powercolor did not shed any light regarding the actual price but a quick check at our favorite price search engine show it listed for €112,90, which is slightly over the actual price of the HD 7770 GHz Edition. According to Powercolor, the new R7 250X should be available pretty soon. 

PowerColor R7250X-1


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