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AMD launches affordable R7 260

by on17 December 2013

768 stream processors, 1GHz boost clock

AMD’s new Rx200 series has a new member, the $109 R7 260. Based on the Bonaire core, the 260 features 768 stream processors, 48 texture units and 16 ROPs, which puts it right between the 260X and the old HD 7770, based on Cape Verde silicon.


The “full Bonaire” R7 260X features 896 cores, 56 texture units and 16 ROPs. The differences don’t end there. The 260X ships with 2GB of memory clocked at 6.5GHz effective, while the new 260 ends up with 1GB clocked at 6GHz (effective). Of course, both cars use the same 128-bit bus. The boost clock is 1GHz.

The 260 also has a lower TDP, 95W vs. 115W. Partners have been given the green light to launch custom cards and the relatively low TDP might make the 260 suitable for passive coolers. The fastest passively cooled R7 card at the moment is the R7 250.

This trimmed down Bonaire card does have one thing going for it. It is priced at just $109, making it $30 cheaper than the R7 260X. This makes it cheaper than most Nvidia GTX 650 cards and it ends up halfway between the GTX 650 and GTX 640, yet it’s based on relatively fresh Bonaire silicon with GCN 1.1 cores.


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